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Updating from Polymer 0.2.x to 0.3.x

polymer library got split up

The polymer library was broken into multiple ones, most notably:

  • polymer-common - Common code shared between modules
  • polymer-core - All core functionality of polymer. Contains everything required for making server side content + client mod compatibility
  • polymer-resource-pack - Resource pack support
  • polymer-networking - Polymer's previous networking api

All modules (excluding polymer-reg-sync-manipulator) also depend (and include) common module. Core additionally depends on polymer-networking, which is used for client sync.

Autohost module now depends only on polymer-networking and polymer-resource-pack.

Packages/Class name changes

With the split up, many classes changed their packages.

polymer-blocks-ext got renamed to polymer-blocks

From polymer (polymer-core, polymer-resource-pack, polymer-networking)

  • eu.pb4.polymer.api.networking -> eu.pb4.polymer.networking.api (in polymer-networking):
    • PolymerPacketUtils is now PolymerServerNetworking
    • Networking parts of eu.pb4.polymer.api.client.PolymerClientUtils are moved to eu.pb4.polymer.api.networking.PolymerClientNetworking
  • eu.pb4.polymer.api.resourcepack -> eu.pb4.polymer.resourcepack.api (in polymer-resource-pack):
    • PolymerRPUtils -> PolymerResourcePackUtils
    • PolymerRPBuilder -> ResourcePackBuilder
  • Rest of eu.pb4.polymer.api -> eu.pb4.polymer.core.api (in polymer-core):
    • [...].networking.PolymerSyncUtils -> [...].utils.PolymerSyncUtils
    • PolymerUtils#getPlayer -> PolymerUtils#getPlayerContext
    • Interfaces in client that were used on both sides were moved to utils
    • [...].client.registry -> [...].client
    • PolymerEntity#modifyTrackedData -> PolymerEntity#modifyRawTrackedData
    • eu.pb4.polymer.ext.blocks -> eu.pb4.polymer.blocks (in polymer-blocks)

Additionally, a bunch of method parameters changed to make them more consistent (making ServerPlayerEntity last argument). Many old duplicate context-less methods got removed if they were only accessed by one with player context.

Submodule versioning change.

All modules now use same version. This mostly makes it easier to update everything, but also makes some version bumps that don't change anything in some.